crohn s disease
Loss of appetite – is due to fear of food, nausea, abdominal pain, or changes in sense of taste, so they do not get enough food in all chronic diseases are increasing energy needs (increased basal metabolism) In Crohn’s disease, the malabsorption of protein, fat, carbohydrates, water,
huntington s disease
because, by the specific mutation of the gene for huntingtin 2also involved other hereditary factors.
The disease causes cognitive impairment, psychiatric and motor, very slow progression over a period of 15-20 years. The more external feature associated with the disease is the exaggerated movement of
addison s disease
Before performing tests in the laboratory, some preparations are needed organism. They are dependent on the type of search to be performed. The conventional wisdom is that for any search in the lab, you need to come fasting. But this is not the case. It is not necessary for everything to come fasting blood tests in the laboratory, but for some it is necessary.
meniere s disease
and varies with each individual patient. An attack can last from several minutes to several hours. During the attack, there is headache, hearing loss and tinnitus nervous cents, and shall be maintained in the intervals between attacks. Hearing loss in 90% of cases unilateral and tends progression. During attacks
blue waffles disease
blue waffle disease/. blue waffles disease In fact, weak immune system is not the cause; it can only make the body unable to fight any infection. It is more probable that the causes of this infection are bacteria and poor hygiene. Unprotected sexual intercourses and bad can lead to this infection, but it is the case with other sexually transmitted diseases, too.

lead to the development of pregnancy early signs or hypothyroidism (known as the chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis Hashimoto).The most common symptom of hyperthyroidism is increased sweating and increased heart rate, which may be present at rest when
periodontal disease
After the researchers adjusted effects associated with age, we found a correlation between poor academic performance in any of these three three tests of cognitive ability and bleeding gums, loss of binding perodontal (ligament that connects the tooth to the bone), and tooth loss.
osgood schlatters disease
operation of that decision and can remain in place until the end of life.Rehabilitation depends on the weight of injuriesThe rehabilitation depends on the decision of the surgeon who sees how successful fixation damaged fragments. If the latter is very strong, then the injured person is carried out
MasticResin Pistacia lentiscus (Evergreen family of pistachio), originally from Greece, the market in capsule form, can also reduce the symptoms caused by excess acid or H. pylori. I came across studies that confirm the complete elimination of symptoms and resolution of the bacteria preparation mastic.
interstitial cystitis
2) regular and complete emptying, urinate after sexual intercourse within 15 minutes. Microbes that could cause infection, in this way easily washed.3) pay attention to personal hygiene is always removed from front to back after a bowel movement. This reduces the risk that
day, drinking hot tea in larger quantities and fruit juices (which should not be cold) after the main meal patients are to lie down for at least half an hour and that the front of the gallbladder put warm compress or hot water bottle if necessary.
early pregnancy symptoms
until the second trimester. There is also a possibility that you darkened moles because of increased skin pigmentation.Enhanced dischargeMany pregnant women notice that they have reinforced thick white discharge. This is during pregnancy. But if you notice an unusual smell or itch, then call your doctor.
Lyme disease symptoms
with great frequency in regions across Europe (for us mainly in the northwestern areas of Croatian), the United States, the former Soviet Union, South Africa, Australia and Asia. Approximately 8 out of 100 000 people are affected annually.
fibromyalgia symptoms
Pain affecting the joints and bones, but the muscles. are similar to rheumatism, but no pathological changes, as in rheumatic diseases.Pain is moved, there is a daily, but in different parts of the body. Find it particularly painful to the pressure of, for example. in the neck, buttocks, elbows, knees, pelvis or shoulder trapezoid muscle.
The fruit of the horse chestnut are stripped away, and his brown bark dry and chop. Fri tablespoon bark thus obtained is necessary to put in half a liter of strong alcohol 96%. Bottle is stoppered and let stand for ten days. bottle several times a day to shake. Take 10 drops two times a day with a little water for 20 days.
herpes zoster
redness on the skin. Also, fever and headache may be part of the clinical . Very quickly, the existing redness is creating grouped blisters that last for two to three weeks. Pain, often very severe, is one of the main characteristics of this disease. Very rarely, shingles can be
lower back pain
improvement after 1-12 months. Non steroid anti-inflammatory drugs and to be used as the first drug.Miorelaxanti are often used but it is not proven that the effective relative to analgetics. Use of opioids or oral corticosteroids should be avoided.
streptococcus pneumoniae
and middle ear infections, and complications of these diseases are not rare.Who can get it?
It can infect anyone, especially young children, people older than 65 years, and patients with diseases of the heart, lungs and kidneys, diabetics, alcoholics and suffering from malignant disease.
lupus symptoms
help the diabetic diet.Kidney Disease – leads to kidney damage, and their condition should be monitored regularly. When problems arise, diet needs to be changed, and often it is a diet with reduced intake of salt and potassium, as well as a low-protein diet.
menopause symptoms
is the period prior to menopause. Changes associated with menopause do not happen suddenly and usually preceded periods of two to eight years old when there is a change in hormone levels. This usually occurs around 45 years of age. During this time, a woman can go through physical,
kidney infection symptoms
One of the most common renal diseases, acute is a sudden inflammation of the kidneys caused by bacteria. First of all, the area affected by intestinal and renal pelvis or somewhat rare kidney tubules.

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