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11. Januar 2014

The ABCs of preventing infection of seually transmitted diseases

Tips for prevention of seually transmitted diseases come from various sides . Some want to focus exclusively on abstinence and monogamy in marriage . Others say that more needs to be done to promote the use of condoms .

To make everyone happy , public health officials have created a catchy acronym for the prevention of ” ABC ” . A is for ” abstinence ” ( abstinence ) , B is for ” faithfulness ” (be faithful ) , C is for ” condom ” ( condom ) .
Information about Blue Waffles
Obviously , the only sure way to prevent STDs is to avoid sexual intercourse . The second most effective way of monogamy and faithfulness to a seual partner who is healthy . But people are seually active with more than one partner manipulation of life . In this case , especially if you are not sure whether you or your partner is infected , it is important to use condoms .
This question is quite difficult for scientists , says Markus Steiner , Ph.D. , senior epidemiologist at Family Health International, a nonprofit group that focuses on seually transmitted diseases . ” People are not animals in the laboratory that can be manipulated ,” says Steiner . ” When interrogating people about intimate matters , they will often tell you what they think you want to hear . ”

Moreover , people who use condoms are usually people who have risky se , which means with a variety of partners or u where there is a risk of more infected people . Those who do not use condoms are most likely in a monogamous relationship . ” If you explore the use of conoms and the percentage of seually transmitted diseases , it can lead to a result that shows condoms as less effective than they really are . “

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